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10 reasons why you should work as a freelancer during your studies

by Bianca

Many students are familiar with the fact that a part-time job is needed in addition to the university to finance rental costs, studies, food and leisure activities. Waitressing, babysitting or a job in a call centre have long been the classics among part-time jobs. In the meantime, however, the working environment has changed and is in a state of transition, so that there are more and more alternatives to the classic 450-euro job.

An increasingly popular form of part-time work is working as a freelancer. As a freelancer you can decide for yourself when, how often and where you want to work. Especially in the creative industry you have many possibilities to work as a freelancer. Depending on what you are studying, you have the opportunity to use your freelance work to establish a connection to your subjects and thus put your knowledge into practice. But this is not a must, of course you can also create a change with your work as a self-employed person. No matter what you decide – working as a freelancer during your studies brings a lot of advantages.

1. You have flexible working hours

The daily life of a student often requires a large portion of flexibility. Lectures, examinations, internships, semester breaks – it’s not so easy to reconcile all this with a permanent job. As a student freelancer you can organize your working hours yourself and adapt them to your needs. A lecture is cancelled? Great, you can work on one of your freelancing projects. Are you busy with an internship during the day? No problem, then you can do your part-time job in the evening or on weekends.

2. Your earnings are higher

As a student freelancer, you are responsible for your own retirement provision and insurance and need additional reserves if you fall ill, so it is essential to earn more than in a permanent position. This is exactly what benefits you. Once you’ve established yourself in your industry, you’ll have room to negotiate prices and negotiate hourly wages that are well above the minimum wage.

3. Your activity is a plus in your CV

No matter what job you want to do after graduation, your resume is very important. If you worked as a freelancer during your studies, this is not only a sign of professional experience. As a freelancer, self-motivation and self-responsibility are the be-all and end-all. After all, there is no boss above you who coordinates your work. These are qualities that speak for you in the application process and positively emphasize you. Especially in the times of New Work, where companies and employers increasingly rely on the so-called soft skills.

4. You expand your network

Networking is elementary for your professional career. If you already work on a freelance basis as a student, you have the best chances to build up a network from which you can profit in the long run. Your horizon expands and your opportunities for lucrative and exciting assignments increase continuously. If you no longer have the capacity for new assignments and projects, you can simply pass them on to colleagues. Also contacts to different companies, for which you work on projects, extend your network.

5. Your skills are constantly gowing

As a student freelancer you are constantly developing and learning new things. The monotony that many permanent positions bring with them does not occur. The industry in which you work changes regularly, so it is essential that you follow developments and maintain a certain curiosity and openness. You will gain very important experience. You will also develop skills such as self-discipline, organisational talent and determination.

6. You get a practical reference to your studies

If you choose an area of work that is related to your field of study, you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice. You will also become better and more specialized in your field, which will not only be reflected in your academic achievements.

7. You have a job that satifies you

As a freelancer you can choose in which industry you would like to work. From tutor to author to designer or photographer, you have plenty of opportunities to develop and turn your passion into your profession. A job that fulfills you is usually easier to do than one where you have to torment yourself every shift. In this way you save the resources you need for your studies.

8. You keep your independence

As a student freelancer, you are not bound by a contract of employment and can choose your customers and clients yourself. In contrast to permanent employment, your income does not depend on one job, but is spread over several pillars. If a client drops out, this does not mean your financial ruin. This also allows you to only work with customers who are good for you and help you progress.

9. You prepare yourself for the time after your studies

After graduating, the work environment awaits you, which can be quite contrary to everyday university life. If you are already working as a freelancer, this is a good preparation for the time after your studies. You will acquire skills that you may not learn at university and will not be thrown into the deep end. In addition, you can continue your way as a freelancer after your studies, if you wish, and then you already have the necessary know-how and the appropriate network.

10. The first step into freelance work is easy

Your entry as a student freelancer is quite uncomplicated. You have to register at the tax office, but not at the trade office. Compared to other forms of self-employment, you have less organizational effort and usually do not have to make any initial investments. In many areas you only need a computer with internet access at the beginning. In short: You have little to lose if you dare to take the step into a life as a freelancer.

So there are many good reasons to already work as a freelancer as a student. Whether you are a copywriter, translator, developer, online marketing or IT specialist, there are many exciting projects waiting for you that will not only help you financially.

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