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Platform Update: Bring Your Own Genius

by Bianca

At WorkGenius, we believe that we can shape the future of work at the speed of light. What makes our AI-based platform special is its ability to match the skills of our geniuses quickly and efficiently to the right jobs. Only technical parameters play a role here – completely independent of the genius’s origin, language, gender or religion.

How positively this is received by freelancers from all over the world can be seen in our constantly growing network of 350,000 geniuses. But we are never tired of inviting more SEO professionals, tech junkies and writers to our platform.

That’s why we have a new feature on our platform: Bring Your Own Genius!

For us quality assurance is the be-all and end-all, that’s why we always check the work of our geniuses. However, we recognize that trust is not built overnight. If you already have experience with a freelancer, you can now easily invite him to join our platform. You can’t make him a knight, but you can make him a genius!

This is how it works:

  1. Invite your freelancer to WorkGenius via our platform simply by mail
  2. When creating jobs, you can select this freelancer and add it to your workforce for larger projects as well.
  3. All contracts and invoices are created by WorkGenius.

This also has many advantages for your freelancer:

  1. Our platform matches the qualifications of your freelancer automatically to suitable jobs.
  2. The job is accepted with just one mouse click
  3. Diligence is quickly rewarded: Within 24 hours your freelancer will be remunerated.

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