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Platform Update: Reservation Feature

by Bianca

You like to work for one or more specific projects or just want to try something new and stay flexible?

Since last month, you can discover a new feature on the WorkGenius platform that gives you a special success bonus for your work as a student or freelancer.

In the following you will find all highlights about the new reservation feature and how to use it from now on:

  1. Log in to your WorkGenius account and check the active projects on your homepage for the green mark for available reservations
  2. If available, you can view the various job packages and secure the bonus by accepting them.
  3. If the reservation options are grayed out, you can unlock the new feature by successfully completing a job in the project.

Tip: It’s worth it for you to take on another job in order to quickly secure several bonuses.

Further advantages of the reservation feature

As a Genius, the new feature will not only allow you to maintain your flexibility in work scheduling, but also better manage your time and finances. During a stressful phase you can continue to accept as many individual jobs from different projects as you like. By successfully completing a single job, you can unlock the reservation option. However, if you have more time available and would like to use it effectively, you can easily reserve your job packages. When you accept a package, you can always be sure that a job is waiting for you.

WorkGenius places academic jobs for you and other qualified students and freelancers on the online platform. The digital processing gives you as a user the opportunity to enjoy maximum flexibility. Reserving job packages here means making personal planning possible for freelancers and companies alike.

Since the introduction of the new feature, the platform has already shown an increase in activity of 300%.

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